Announcing Treetown Tech’s New Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

Some documents get filed into a drawer, never to be seen again, like those receipts for last year’s snow tires. Others, like the Declaration of Independence, stand the test of time.

Treetown Tech’s mission statement has found a sweet spot in the middle. We’re putting our old one in the drawer in favor of a fresh statement of our mission, vision, and values. And, while it would be pretty nifty for it to last for a couple of centuries, we think it’s much more valuable as a living document that changes with us.

Let us introduce you to our revamped mission, vision, and values.

Where We’ve Been: Reviewing Our Mission

When we first wrote our mission statement several years ago, we were a lot smaller; so, just like a kid hitting a growth spurt and needing a new pair of shoes, we began to notice that our old mission statement didn’t fit as well as it used to. We needed a new statement that reflected our development and our team culture. We felt like we had a great group running, but we wanted to find a way to explain what that meant to us. 

Last fall, inspired by the human-centered design approach, we held open workshops for our team members, friends, advisors, and partners to voice their perspectives. It felt important to understand all stakeholders’ points of view for who Treetown is and where we’re going.

When our team comes into work, what do they think about what we try to accomplish? What’s out there for engineers to achieve? And how do our Treetown folks fit into those possibilities? How do our friends, family, and partners see us? 

Ultimately, we brought together all of these perspectives in our new Mission, Vision, and Values.

Where We’re Going: Mission, Vision, & Values

In our new statement, we’re proud to share our new and improved Treetown Tech Mission, Vision, and Values. 

Our New Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide creative problem-solving in an inclusive, fun, and collaborative environment.

For every member of our team, we pose the following questions:

  • What comes to mind when we come to work every day?
  • Where is this company going? 
  • What are we on a mission to do?

We don’t want these to just be one-and-done questions posed at an annual performance review. Let’s consider these every day, for every project and client, and every interaction inside and outside the company.

To us, our mission focuses on the root of who we are – problem solvers, nerds (and proud of it!), and open. 

Our New Vision Statement

Our vision is to transform the world around us through brilliantly practical solutions.

Our Treetown Tech vision builds upon our mission. It’s all about the future and considering the end goal. In a perfect world, what does the world, society, or customer organizations look like once we’ve completed our mission? 

Most importantly, with this vision in mind, what steps do we take to reach it? 

We specifically want to focus on brilliantly practical solutions – that’s part of our core philosophy – to not only solve problems but to solve them in creative ways that just make sense. 

Our New Values Statement

Vision without values isn’t enough. Values guide our forward momentum. What values come to mind when considering Treetown Tech and the organizations and people we serve? What do we stand for? 

Our seven new values are:

  1. The team, the team, the team. We engage with one another in collaborative spaces to draw strengths from one another and to come up with the best solutions as a team.
  2. Community. We are constantly building old and new relationships to contribute to the growing community in and around Treetown Tech.
  3. Diversity. We celebrate the diversity of people and their backgrounds, capabilities, and mindsets. We seek to build an inclusive environment so that all feel welcome. We feel better engineering happens with diverse perspectives.
  4. Trustworthy. We are consistent in our words, actions, and design, instilling trust in one another and our clients.
  5. Agility. We move quickly and remain flexible to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.
  6. Passion for technology. We nerd out the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning. Our curiosity drives us to expand our understanding and to share the latest and greatest.
  7. Creativity. We bring a unique perspective and creative energy to the problems we encounter daily.

That’s us! A team-focused, community-oriented, diverse, trustworthy, agile, passionate, and creative company. We look forward to serving you through our revitalized mission, vision, and values.