Introducing our 2023 Summer Interns

School’s been out for the summer, so we’ve been working with our 2023 crop of summer interns! 

Mai, Andy, and Julia are exploring the real-world applications of 3D printing, software design, and soldering this summer. Their learning experiences are also encouraging us to be attentive students of the world.

Without further ado …

Meet Mai

Mai Doan (she/her) is a rising junior at the University of Michigan where, in addition to studying biomedical engineering, she is pursuing a minor in music as a singer/songwriter. During the school year, Mai works at a research lab focusing on nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

Here at Treetown Tech, Mai has been working on a device used in the manufacturing process. While this may sound like a simple concept, it’s actually given her a lot of new hands-on experiences outside the classroom. She’s getting to work with programs like 3D CAD and SolidWorks, not to mention laser-cutting panels and soldering!

So far, Mai is enjoying her exploration of the industry side of things and growing her confidence both in herself and her learning process. 

Meet Julia

Julia Marchese (she/her) joins us straight from earning her BS in Physics and Climate Engineering. Her path to the STEM world wasn’t the most straightforward. She has a strong background in dance and theater, but after discovering physics in high school, she found she loved how systematic the sciences are.

After entering the University of Michigan, Julia focused on engineering topics that impact everyday lives and earned a place in a climate-focused lab. Now that she’s gotten several weeks under her belt at Treetown, Julia is continuing to expand her interests and skills. Like both Andy and Mai, this is Julia’s first industry position doing client-based work—and she loves it.

Julia hopes to continue working in the climate and sustainability sector. Having a chance to work on software and electrical engineering with a supportive team of mentors has been a huge plus.

Meet Andy

Andy Zaloudek (he/him) is finishing his Masters degree in computer engineering and will start a full-time position in January. His interest in hardcore computer and electrical engineering goes back to childhood when his very favorite gifts were electronic sets.

This summer at Treetown, Andy continues to stoke that interest—writing software for a variety of devices from controlling taillights to reading sensors and transferring data via Bluetooth. He calls it “a perfect match” for his interests and skills. Bouncing between three very different projects, Andy is excited to experience the diversity in jobs, goals, pace, and style.

One the most important things Andy is learning at Treetown isn’t just about engineering. He’s also leveling up his skills in coordinating with other team members and prioritizing project elements in an ever-shifting environment.

Words of Wisdom

All three of our summer interns are clearly learning a lot from us, but we’re also learning from them! It’s intimidating to be tasked with unfamiliar projects; Mai, Andy, and Julia can attest to that. But they remind us to trust the learning process, ask for guidance, and embrace the discomfort. With a healthy growth mindset, every gap in knowledge is a positive learning opportunity.