Your Ideas

Belong to you

Your Intellectual Property

Product development can be a very risky stage for innovators. Products that are in development and undergoing quick iterations are often not subject to I.P. protections.

At Treetown Tech we believe your ideas belong to you, at every stage of the process.

live drone prototype

We're here to support your product journey.

We won’t lay claim to I.P. that obligates you to return to us for every little modification. And we won’t use IP to leverage future business with you. We want you to return because we did great work.

Our goal is to make you successful. Period.

We won’t waste your time and resources with legal hurdles.  We focus on what’s important to you — efficiently getting new prototypes into your hands as quickly as possible. You’re in control throughout the process.

One in-house team means better protection for you.

Our multi-disciplinary team means less project clutter. You won’t run the risk of exposing your I.P. to multiple external vendors and consultants. We all work together in one place where we can keep your innovation safe.