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What We Do

Treetown Tech offers a brilliantly practical approach to engineering consultation and product development solutions. We partner with you to take innovative ideas from a napkin sketch through production — all under one roof.

We bring the expertise you need. Our mechanical, electrical, and software engineering experts have worked together as a team for decades. We bring holistic, comprehensive, cross-functional input to your project.

We add business value. Our business experts are on staff — not in a separate agency. We make your goals, end-user perspectives, and operational needs a reality.

We save time and money. Our in-house rapid prototyping is supported by 3-D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, and more. We get working prototypes into your hands as soon as possible, because that’s where the real learning happens.

Treetown Tech customers are smart, interesting people who are driven to create new things. We collaborate with you to push the boundaries and find better solutions. 

treetown tech employees talking and laughing in the breakroom
treetown tech employees talking in the hallway

Why We're Here

Solving tough challenges requires a lot of expertise. As experienced engineers, we saw too many projects grind to a halt as people scrambled to source an outside expert.  

We knew there was a better, more practical way. 

Under one roof. Treetown Tech solves problems as an integrated group, with in-house engineering and business teams working hands-on with clients. All the experts are in one place. 

Filling gaps. We bring the expertise you don’t have so you can complete your project better and faster. Together, we bring unique thinking to tough challenges that haven’t been solved before.  

Client control. We believe you should own your work and your IP. We don’t try to control your work.  

We thrive on creating things that are stronger, faster, smarter, and better. We love making brilliant ideas doable because that’s what drives business value. 

How We Work

We meet you wherever you are, whether you have an existing requirements set or a sketch of an idea. We may be pragmatic and practical, but we excel at helping clients with undefined problems.

We tend to start small, even with big companies. We start by defining the requirements set then help you set up a plan for success. Our relationship grows from there.

We look at projects holistically. Business thinking and engineering acumen are equally important when developing your product. We consider a complete solution, not just technical details.

We’re focused on learning. We establish a continuous loop of iteration, learning about how the product can be built, where it can be built, and how it will be used. The end user is always top of mind.

treetown team working together

Our Culture

We live where ideas are as plentiful as trees. The Treetown Tech facilities are based in beautiful Ann Arbor, located in southeast Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Our 10,000 square foot office and lab space houses everything we need for innovative designing, prototyping, and testing.  

Our office team operates like a true community. Sometimes it looks like mind-reading, but it’s really just years of teamwork and relationship-building. We know each other’s strengths and collaborate to get the work done. And we genuinely like each other. 

We love our home. Ann Arbor is Treetown – and our home base.  Though the products we develop are used around the globe, we love the deep connection we have with our city.  It’s a university town, a tech hub, a foodie magnet, and an urban oasis. It inspires us each day.  

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission, vision, and values guide our team every day in our work. We believe deeply in them – they were written by our entire team – which is why we share them here. They form the core of who we are. 

mission vision values

Treetown Tech Values

1. The team, the team, the team – we engage with one another in collaborative spaces to draw strengths from one another and to come up with the best solutions as a team. 

2. Community – we are constantly building old and new relationships to contribute to the growing community in and around Treetown Tech.

3. Diversity – we celebrate the diversity of people and their backgrounds, capabilities, and mindsets. We seek to build an inclusive environment so that all feel welcome. We feel better engineering happens with diverse perspectives.

4. Trust – we are consistent in our words, actions, and design, instilling trust in one another and our clients. 

5. Agility – we move quickly and remain flexible to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

6. Passion for technology – we nerd out the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning. Our curiosity drives us to expand our understanding and to share the latest and greatest.

7. Creativity – we bring a unique perspective and creative energy to the problems we encounter daily.