A Peek Inside Treetown Tech’s lab

Rapid Prototyping can be messy sometimes – especially when Delrin is involved with our CNC!

The Treetown Tech Rapid Prototyping Toolbox Series

Without a doubt, the coolest part of every action movie is the rapid-fire montage of the heroes building and testing their cutting-edge toys right before going into battle with the bad guy. 

They open a door to their secret lab and BAM —wide shot of all the coolest tech toys you’ve ever seen. When that moment happens in the movie, you know you’re going to enjoy the next few minutes.

In the spirit of every superheroes-building-their-ultimate-toy-in-an-action-movie montage, this series of blogs is devoted to exploring Treetown Tech’s shop of rapid prototyping tools and machinery.

We hope you’ll enjoy this tour of our state-of-the-art rapid prototyping machines . For now, let’s review the criteria we’ve set for our collection.


People can never seem to get enough speed —and we can’t blame them. When it comes to prototyping, the ability to produce the next iteration sooner rather than later is critical to success.

The more iterations you can make, the more opportunities you have to find the best functioning and most cost-effective design of your product. That’s why our facility is packed with tools built for speed

Speaking of our facility…


Okay, so it’s not actually a secret lab. You can find it on Google Maps. In fact, our customers regularly come here to collaborate with our engineers on their product development projects. 

Having all our tools together in one space means our engineers are able to move projects from one stage of development to the next quickly —sometimes with just a brisk jog down the hallway. With so many projects requiring connected parts — including machinery, electronics, and software —it helps to have the tools for iterating each element under the same roof. 


To keep our partners’ projects cost-effective, our engineers have to make sure that no component is arbitrary. Unnecessary components have a tendency to eat into budgets (ouch), and sometimes they even impede the product’s performance (double ouch).

We say it’s best to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. And that requires precision.

Every tool we employ in our rapid prototyping process is built to deliver precise results. That way, when the product is ready for production, our partners can be sure that every component is absolutely necessary and precisely fitted for the best performance.


At Treetown Tech, we’re always looking for the latest technological innovations that have the potential to make our prototyping process even faster and more efficient. 

The newest addition to our prototyping toolbox? Virtual Reality. Now we can experience new ways to view and test our prototypes before they ever take physical shape.

Opening the door…

So here you are , standing before the door to Treetown Tech’s not-so-secret lab. Want a glimpse inside?

Here’s a list of some of the incredible rapid prototyping tools we’ll be exploring in this blog series:

  • A 3-axis Computer Numerical Control machine
  • A laser cutter
  • A 3D printing lab containing Creality CR-10S5, Creality Ender 5, Wanhao Duplicator, Vivedino Troodon, and Formlabs Form
  • Solidworks software
  • A fully equipped electronics lab and solder station
  • Altium PCB design software
  • Virtual Reality

Watch for our upcoming posts to explore these topics further!