Product Development Phase Zero: Preventing Product Development Headaches

You’ve just been struck by the metaphorical lightning bolt of innovation. Eureka! You have a phenomenal idea that will secure your place in history — or, at the very least, make your next high school reunion much less painful. 

Congratulations, you titan of innovation! Break out the champagne and caviar!

Seems a little premature, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how many people let their imaginations go right from “I have an amazing idea” to “I’m gonna look incredible on the cover of Forbes.” 

Having a rich imagination makes you an innovator, but it won’t make your Superbly Brilliant Idea a reality. That’s where Treetown Tech’s Phase 0 comes in.

Asking the Right Questions

Crafting the best solutions means asking the right questions. What materials or technology will your idea require to operate while still being cost-effective? How many do you plan on making per year? Who is your ideal customer, and have you spoken to them to know what their needs are? If the cost of manufacturing the product is about a third of the selling price, how do you price your product to make it affordable and profitable? 

It seems like a lot, but shying away from curiosity could be the death of your idea. Getting clear answers to these questions helps us build a full and realistic portrait of your vision now in order to minimize roadblocks later.

How it Works

We start by documenting everything. And we mean everything. The main features of your product will be obvious, but we know too well how fast the process can come to a screeching halt if the less obvious requirements go unnoticed for too long. 

The requirements are a living document that can adapt as needed, but having a complete portrait from the beginning is invaluable in avoiding future speedbumps. We help you identify and document every formal requirement, user story, and use case, so the whole team is aligned and clear on what the next steps are. 

Next, we begin the process of creating actionable solutions for your product’s design. It’s still too early to render the design itself, but we create high level concepts, consider current IP we might have to work around, and perform feasibility research into existing technologies that meet your cost targets. Armed with all of this information, we can develop a project plan that provides you with the clearest path forward. 

Lastly, there’s the mighty dollar. We’re here to explore your funding options, from venture capital to grants. Then we provide a detailed plan for how to pitch your idea with credibility, increasing your chances of snagging an investor. You know those folks on Shark Tank who break out into a cold sweat while answering “I don’t know” to every question? We don’t want that for you. 

The Key to Success

The problem with innovating is that you don’t know what you don’t know. And in this business, what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you

Phase 0 is all about illuminating your path forward by providing you with a clear picture of the cost, time, and labor required to bring your innovation to life. So the next time you have a Superbly Brilliant Idea, hit us up for a Phase 0 meeting. 

Your dream isn’t impossible. It just needs planning.