Rapid Iteration: Muscling Through the Frankenstein Stage

The moment you have an idea for a new product, you begin daydreaming of holding your first prototype and triumphantly exclaiming, “It’s aliiiiive!”

But here’s the thing… 

That first prototype probably isn’t going to look pretty. Not in the way it needs to, anyway. But that’s just how product development goes. You need to push your way through the not-so-pretty and not-working-perfectly phase to get to a marketable final product – in fact that’s where the best learning happens. That means fast prototyping, and innovative re-thinking. 

And that fast trying-and-rethinking is just what we’ve built Treetown Tech to do. 

The Space Where It Happens

When we work with our partners to build a new product, we invite them to join us for the prototyping stage in our facility in Ann Arbor. Because you need space and equipment to bring your idea to life. (And a garage won’t cut it for very long.)

Product development requires a lot of elbow room. And with 10,000 square feet of space, including an electronics lab, a 3D printing room, a machine shop, and high bay shop area, our facility can fit a lot of elbows. 

The Tools of the Trade

Every iteration of your design gives us valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. So when we prototype, we prototype fast

It’s not that we’re impatient. The fact is that only by building, failing, and redesigning can we develop the best version of your idea. 

How do we do it?  With toys. Lots and lots of toys. 

We have a 3 axis CNC machine, six different 3D printers, a laser cutter, and more, all set up in dedicated project spaces. With that kind of machinery set up and ready to go, we’re able to churn out iterations and speed along the evolution of your idea. 

Mad Scientists (without the Madness)

Dr. Frankenstein knew that bringing an idea to life would require some helping hands. That’s why he had Igor. 

Unfortunately, Igors are in short supply these days. Instead, we have a team of dedicated electrical, software, and mechanical engineers to collaborate with you and offer fresh perspectives throughout the prototyping phase. They have more formal education than Igor, and they’re definitely less creepy.

The fact is, the space and the tools would be worthless without the talent. It’s our engineers who truly make the magic happen. 

Prototyping can be a frustrating process, but our team is practiced in the art of failing forward. Only by trying, trying, and trying again, can they finally arrive at triumph.

It Ain’t Gonna be Pretty…

…but it will be worth it. 

Your first prototype is going to be a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. But that’s okay. The people who ultimately buy your product will have no idea of the awkward stages it went through on the path to its beautiful final form. 

Our mad scientists at Treetown Tech have the determination and the resources to push through the not-so-pretty phase.

So you can live out your “It’s aliiiiiive!” moment sooner than you expected.